Friday, April 19, 2013

“How pinteresting”

Pinteresting, rhyming with interesting, is an adjective derived from the latter and the name of an exciting, rapidly evolving online pinboard, named Pinterest. This hot social network tool helps you collect and share pictures, illustrations, graphs, schemes and anything else visual. It lets you organize things on boards—making your great stuff or little niche toy available online and ready for repinning. For example, Axeleratio's Pinterest Boards contain a Sculptures & Architecture, Plant Life and a Petroversity board. The number of creative and pinteresting boards is increasing daily. People also use Pinterest to market their business, sell products and build their brands [1]. Pinterestingly, there is a board with the title “Pinteresting” [2]. Keep staying pinterested!

Dog bronze sculpture by Jean van Keuren pinned to Axeleratio's Sculpture & Architecture board at Pinterest
Dog sculpture pinned to my Sculptures & Architecture board
Pinning tips and trends can be found in the Pinterest Blog [3]. The Pinterest Twitter microblog, @Pinterest, has over one million followers. Also, more and more businesses are taking note on what Pinterest can do for them [4]. It eventually will pay to keep your level of pinterestness or pinterestedness high. Pinteressantissimo!

Keywords: Internet, social media marketing, visual platform, networking.

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