Friday, April 19, 2013

Abbreviations and acronyms in business

Business communication is full of secret messages, short lingo, abbreviations and specific acronyms. Whether you are running or working for an enterprise or firm, are planning a start-up or simply are doing business with an individual or an organization, you certainly will encounter some frequently used short terms. I have collected, briefly explained and linked selected terms, particularly for small businesses and entrepreneur interests and activities. They can broadly be categorized as follows:
  • International agencies, organizations and councils including ICANN, ISO, WBCSD, WIPO, WTO;
  • National (mainly U.S.) agencies, offices and organizations including MBDC, NAPEO, OSHA, SBA, SBAC, SBDC;
  • Legislative acts, regulations, policies, and programs including BABCPA, BOB, CAIP, CAN-SPAM, EAR, ERISA, ESOP, FAR, FICA, FUTA, ITL, MACRS, REACH, SBIR, SCOR, SIC, SIMPLE, STTR, TSR, WAWF;
  • E-commerce related terms including CPC, CPI, CTR, PPA, PPC, SEO;
  • Miscellaneous other codes and notations such as Ad, ADR, B2B, B2G, BATNA, COGS, CRM, D-U-N-S, d/b/a, EBIT, EIN, EOQ, IFB, JIT, L/C, LOHAS, POS, PPP, ROAS, ROI, ROMI, TQM, USP, VMI.
The meaning of an acronym often depends on the context within it is used.  For example, CPA may stand for Certified Public Accountant or Critical Path Analysis.

Keywords: solopreneur, management, trading, marketing, legislation, schemes, short terms, phrases, category, disambiguation.

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