Sunday, March 10, 2013

German for casual travelers: Schon 'was zum Pennen?

Stay overnight: Zollhaus Bremen, Am Kaffee-Quartier 1, Walle, 28217 Bremen
Schon 'was zum Pennen? is short for “Schon etwas zum Pennen?
The vocabulary:
  • schon: already
  • etwas: something
  • zum: to 
  • pennen: to nap or to sleep
The question “...schon 'was zum Pennen?” is asking you, if you have found a place to stay overnight.  Painting and question are found at the south-facing wall of the Zollhaus Bremen, Am Kaffee-Quartier 1, Walle, 28217 Bremen.

This former custom-house (Zollhaus) in Bremen's  harbor district has been turned into a hostel ( With the slogan “Meet and sleep in Bremen,” the Zollhaus invites easy-going travelers to stay at this affordable hotel. Bremen's city center, the Weser river walk and biking promenade, the still developing harbor city (Überseestadt) as well as coffee shops, bistros, restaurants, pubs and other hang-outs are nearby—a short walk or bike ride away. Lots to do and not much time “zum Pennen.

Keywords: German slang, tourism, city of Bremen, harbor district.

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