Monday, March 18, 2013

A botanic garden acronym: CUBG for Cambridge University Botanic Garden

CUBG stands for Cambridge University Botanic Garden. Botanic gardens and arboreta always are great places to study plants, to follow their changes over the cycle of seasons and to get excited about biodiversity—or phytodiversity in this case.

What is so special about the CUBG is that it is backed up by a chemical trail: a virtual trail that provides quick access to a detailed, web-based description of selected flowers and trees and further identifies some plant ingredients,  chemical compounds, that play a role in and have been extracted for human uses. Drugs, dyes, and natural food additives are just a few examples. To explore the featured plants and substances, I recently published a post and some visual navigation tools:
Keywords: botany, plant chemistry, plant ingredients, phytochemistry, biochemistry, garden tour.

Question: Are there other gardens of this kind? See ResearchGate Question.

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