Sunday, September 23, 2012

Chompion: champion among strong-biting animals

Which is the hardest-biting land animal ever known? According to recent biomechanical studies, this is Tyrannosaurus rex, which—with a maximum bite force of 12,800 pounds—had a stronger bite than any other known terrestrial animal [1-4]. Only some water-based monsters such as extinct giant sharks and crocodilians had most likely a harder bite. Ouch!

They all made a living by forcefully chomping their prey apart inside their megamouth. T. rex is the chomp champion, chompion, of the land animals. Brian Switek uses this playful portmanteau in his recent Smithsonian article, reporting on the newest results in modeling and estimating bite force of large animals and referring to T. rex as the world chompion [4]. Congratulations!

Keywords: comparative anatomy, biomechanics, paleontology, evolution, biology, bite.

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