Saturday, June 4, 2011

Acronym in chemistry and materials science: HMDS for hexamethyldisilazane

In chemistry, HMDS is short for hexamethyldisilazane or, structurally more precise, 1,1,1,3,3,3-hexamethyldisilazane. The acronym HMDZ has also been used to denote this reagent. The IUPAC name is bis(trimethylsilyl)amine for this compound with molecular structure (CH3)3SiNHSi(CH3)3 and empirical formula C6H19NSi2 (molar mass: 161.39 g/mol). Further identifiers: CAS number 999-97-3, EC number 213-668-5, RTECS number JM9230000 and Gelest Product Code SIH6110.0 [1].

HMDS is a colorless liquid. Its flash point is 12 °C, its boiling point 126-7°C and its vapor pressure at 50°C is 50 mm [1]. HMDS is a versatile silylation reagent. Further properties and applications of HMDS can be found, for example, via Materials Matter! using matform C6H19NSi2.

[1] Barry Arkles (Editor): Silicon, Germanium, Tin and Lead Compounds, Metal Alkoxides, Diketonates and Carboxylates - A Survey of Properties and Chemistry. 2nd edition, Gelest, Inc., 1998; SIH6110.0 on page 177.

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