Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Petri nets named after German computer scientist Carl Adam Petri

Petri nets are named after Carl Adam Petri, a German mathematician and computer scientist [1-3]. He was born in 1926 in Leipzig, invented Petri nets at the age of 13 and introduced the concept of Petri nets in his dissertation in 1962. Petri died in 2010 [4], but his ideas found places and transitions in various fields including biology and chemistry.

In the Journal Molecular Informatics, Ina Koch has published an instructive review on the history, state-of-the-art and current limitations of Petri nets applied to the modeling of complex systems [3]. Further documentations, work and Petri-net software is available online [5,6].

Petri nets connecting languages:
Dutch: petrinetten
French: réseaux de Petri
German: Petrinetze
Spanish: redes de Petri

[1] IEEE Computer Society: Carl Adam Petri - 2008 Computer Pioneer Award Recipient.
[2] Informationsdienst Wissenschaft: Carl Adam Petri erhält den "Computer Pioneer Award." []
[3] Ina Koch: Petri Nets - A Mathematical Formalism to Analyze Chemical Reaction Networks. Mol. Inf. 2010, 29, pp. 838-843.
DOI: 10.1002/minf.201000086.
[4] Carl Adam Petri dies - his ideas live on.
[5] Petri Nets World []
[6] Inspired by Carl Adam Petri's work, Cornelio Hopmann is working on and blogging/documenting work in progress on mathematical models including Q-Orders and Einstein Spaces

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