Sunday, September 19, 2010


At Twitter people broadcast all kinds of subjects and have conversations about almost everything—snippetwise. Anything out there in the twitterverse such as “doing-nows”, facts, thoughts, questions, answers, remarks, etc., which often come in sentence fragments, is only 140 characters long or even shorter. Whatever you are going to microblog on Twitter has to be twitterversial: it has to fit this length requirement for the sake of compatibility with SMS messaging. If you want to say something funny, interesting and/or informative on Twitter you need to check your envisioned tweet for its Twitterversiality. By following conversations on Twitter, you'll realize that most humans are natural twitterers, who create their own short expressions, formulas and codes, mostly without Universality, often with Controversiality, but always with Twitterversiality.

More on the noun “twitterverse”
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[2] New Words: Twitterverse.

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