Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Native American: “Tallac” meaning “Great Mountain”

The Sierra Nevada has a respectable number of tall mountains and many are higher then Mount Tallac, located between the southwest side of Lake Tahoe and the Crystal Range. According to Mike White, “Tallac is a Native American word meaning Great Mountain, a particular appropriate moniker for this stately peak.”
The word Tallac also appears in the designation of nearby geographical features and locations such as Tallac Creek and Tallac Historic Site. And, yes, there is a Mt. Tallac Brewing Company in South Lake Tahoe.

Reference and further reading
Mt. Tallac” on pages 166 and 167 in Mike White's hiking guide Afoot & Afield • Reno-Tahoe • A comprehensive hiking guide. Wilderness Press, Berkeley, California, 2nd printing November 2008.

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