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The chemical term selenious acid, synonymously used for selenous acid

The chemical compound selenous acid (H2SeO3, or more detailed: SeO(OH)2) is the selenium analogue of sulfurous acid (SO(OH)2), containing one selenium atom in its molecule instead of the sulfur atom in the latter. The term selenous acid is the common name for this compound, but the spelling selenious acid has also been used in the literature.
The name based on the systematic additive nomenclature is dihydroxidooxidoselenium [1].
Selenous acid is used, for example, in its isotopically labeled form (H2[75Se]O3) as a reagent in the preparation of 75Se-labeled cells for studies on selenium metabolism in human T-cells [2].

Note: Selenous acid should not be confused with selenonic acid, which has the same brutto formula as selenous acid, but a different structural formula, SeHO2(OH), with the systematic additive name hydridohydroxidodioxidoselenium [1].

Keywords: inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, nomenclature, synonyms, different spellings of chemical compound names

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Selected references using the name selenious acid
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Selected references using the name selenous acid
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