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Acronyms in materials science: TCO, AZO, GZO, IZO, MZO for thin film oxides

TCO stands for transparent conductive oxide. TCO is used as thin film or coating material in electro-optical devices including solar cells. TCOs are oxides of one or more metals that are typically doped with an additional metal. The examples, following TCO in the title, all refer to doped zinc oxide (ZnO) materials. The first letter encodes the dopand metal and ZO is short for ZnO. The oxides are:
  • AZO: Al-doped ZnO (aluminium-doped zinc oxide)
  • GZO: Ga-doped ZnO (gallium-doped zinc oxide)
  • IZO: In-doped ZnO (indium-doped zinc oxide)
  • MZO: Mg-doped ZnO (magnesium-doped zinc oxide)

Comment: Unfortunately, MZO is also used as acronym for metal-doped ZnO, bringing ambiguity to the three-letter acronyms. What about using AlZO, GaZO, InZO, MgZO and
MeZO instead? This schema further allow us to distinguish between Ag-doped ZnO and Al-doped ZnO, i.e. between AgZO and AlZO.

: chemistry, device design, surface coating, light transmittance

Selected literature
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