Friday, October 30, 2009

Alcedo atthis, also known as Eurasian, European, or river kingfisher

Alcedo atthis is the systematic name of a bird otherwise known as common kingfisher or river kingfisher. The names Eurasian kingfisher or European kingfisher hint to the geographic range where Alcedo atthis is living, diving and fishing: in most of Europe and non-Siberian parts of Asia; but also in northern Africa and parts of Australia.
Its German name is Eisvogel, its French name is Martin-pêcheur, and its Spanish name is martín pescador . The adjectives gemein, commun, and común may respectively be added for common.
The kingfisher belongs to the Alcedinidae family (river kingfishers) in the suborder Alcedines of the order Coraciiformes (Ordnung Rackenvögel in German). A northern American relative is, for example, the belted kingfisher (Ceryle alcyon), whose habitats include rivers, lakes, coasts and the Sierra of California.

Keywords: ornithology, Coraciiformes

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