Monday, September 21, 2009

A new English verb from the German language: to hocker

Hockern is a new recreational activity on the rise in Germany and elsewhere. The German verb hockern is derived from the masculine noun Hocker, meaning milking stool. Hockern can be translated into English as to busy oneself with a milking stool or to do tricks with a milking stool. To simplify translations, I would suggest to use hocker—as a regular verb—in English. It rhymes with soccer and is inflected in the same way as the verb tinker: He hockers. She hockered. They are hockering. Since the vowel e is unstressed, there is no doubling of the consonant r.
A person that hockers, may be called a hockerer or hocker gymnast.
If you are not yet convinced that hockern is a new sport, which needs to be verb-ized into English, you may just want to sit on your Hocker and watch while others are hockering along.

Keywords: creativity, gymnastics, body dynamics, fun; linguistics, English words, German words

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