Friday, July 24, 2009

A short notation for 1,1'-(alkane-1,ω-diyl)-bis(pyridinium): Cn(Py)2

The short form Cn(Py)2 is used to refer to the class of 1,1'-(alkane-1,ω-diyl)-bis(pyridinium) cations. The subscript n is a whole number. With n=4, for instance, we get C4(Py)2 encoding the class member 1,1'-(butane-1,4-diyl)-bis(pyridinium). The ion entry forms of the Chemical Property Viewer accept short notations encoding this cation class and members thereof. To access chemical data of the ionic compound 1,1'-(butane-1,4-diyl)-bis(pyridinium) dihexafluorophosphate ([C4(Py)2][PF6]2), for example, enter C4(Py)2 or Cn(Py)2 for the cation and PF6 for the anion without any mark-up of the subscripts.

Selected publication using explained short notation
X.-Z. Yang, J. Wang, Z.-Z. Zhang and G.-S. Li: Solubilities of 1,1'-(Butane-1,4-diyl)-bis(pyridinium) Dihexafluorophosphate in Acetone + Water from (278.15 to 328.15) K. J. Chem Eng. Data 2009, 54, 1385-1388. DOI: 10.1021/je800893n

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