Friday, July 10, 2009

Acronyms: TMBX, TMEX and TMOX are TMAXs

[S-(2H-thiophen-2-yl)]-methyl-alkyl xanthates (TMAXs) are xanthate (dithiocarbonate) derivatives of thiophen. TMAXs have been investigated as additives to rapeseed oil, which is applied as steel-steel lubricant. Selected chemical members of the TMAX compound class are:

TMEX: [S-(2H-thiophen-2-yl)]-methyl-ethyl xanthate
TMBX: [S-(2H-thiophen-2-yl)]-methyl-butyl xanthate
TMOX: [S-(2H-thiophen-2-yl)]-methyl-octyl xanthate

Qing-Ye Gong, Lai-Gui Yu and Cheng-Feng Ye: Study of the tribological behaviors of [S-(2H-thiophen-2-yl)]-methyl-alkyl xanthates as additives in rapeseed oil. Wear
Sept. 2002, 253 (5-6), pp. 558-562. DOI: 10.1016/S0043-1648(01)00881-X

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