Friday, June 26, 2009

Special coolants: Coolanols

The word Coolanol is applied as a trade name for certain industrial silicate esters (tetraalkoxysilanes) that are used as coolants and also as heat and power transfer fluids, dielectric and hydraulic fluids, lubricants and for electrical and electronic equipments. The Monsanto Chemical Company and Exxon Mobil market silicate esters under various trade names. Coolanol names are typically composed of the noun Cooloanol followed by a short numerical or alphanumerical code, for example Coolanol 35 or Coolanol OS59.

[1] M. Alagar and V. Krishnasamy: Preparation and Characterisation of Tetraalkoxysilanes. Hungarian Journal of Industrial Chemistry 1987, 15, pp. 453-468. This article reports tetraalkoxysilane (including compounds with with linear and branched alkoxy groups with three to twelve carbon atoms: propoxy to dodecoxy) properties such as density, refractive index, viscosity, surface tension, thermal expansion, specific heat, infrared range, oxidation stability, decomposition temperature, breakdown voltage and thermal conductivity. Some of these properties are compared with those of silicones and Coolanols of Monsanto Chemicals, USA.
[2] Coolanol silicate esters: Exxon Mobil Brochure

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