Friday, June 26, 2009

Grassoline instead of gasoline

Gasoline is a fuel based on mineral oil, a limited resource. Grassoline, based on renewable resources, is a second-generation biofuel made from the inedible parts of plants, in contrast to first-generation biofuels made from edible biomass. A typical source for grassoline is the fast-growing switchgrass. The noun grassoline, rhyming with gasoline, indicates the grassy or ‘green’ origin of this type of biofuel. Get ready to watch out (or smell out) for the nearest grassoline station on your next drive!

George W. Huber and Bruce E. Dale: Grassoline at the Pump. Scientific American, July 2009, 301 (1), pp. 52-59.
Link: Grassoline: Biofuels Beyond Corn.

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